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トマス・ピンチョン東京行 Pynchon goes to Tokyo(トーキングヘッズ叢書 4 『ピンチョンで大いに遊ぼう』1993年12月)山形浩生

◇ ヴァインランド Vineland トマス・ピンチョン 著 翻訳: 山形浩生

◇ 偶然の仲間

トマス・ピンチョン(Thomas Pynchon)の小説Against the Day (2006)(日本語仮題『逆光』)を読むための参考資料


YouTube - Inherent Vice, Thomas Pynchon - 9781594202247

Part noir, part psychedelic romp, all Thomas Pynchon— private eye Doc Sportello comes, occasionally, out of a marijuana haze to watch the end of an era as free love slips away and paranoia creeps in with the L.A. fog. View more: http://us.penguingroup.com


◇ Thomas Pynchon's Soundtrack to "Inherent Vice"

Larry "Doc" Sportello is a private eye who sees the world through a sticky dope haze, animated by the music of an era whose hallmarks were peace, love, and revolution. As Doc's strange case grows stranger, his 60s soundtrack--ranging from surf pop and psychedelic rock to eerie instrumentals--picks up pace. Have a listen to some of the songs you'll hear in Inherent Vice--the playlist that follows is designed exclusively for Amazon.com, courtesy of Thomas Pynchon. (Links will take you to individual MP3 downloads, full albums, or artist pages.)


YouTube - Thomas Pynchon (DE/CH 2000/2001)

German Title: Thomas Pynchon
Director: Fosco Dubini; Donatello Dubini
Production Company: Dubini Filmproduktion (Köln); Tre Valli Filmproduktion (Zürich)
Distributor: Real Fiction Filmverleih (Köln)
© Real Fiction