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Someone's junk is someone else's treasure. on Vimeo

from Koki Tanaka PRO 3 years ago / Creative Commons License: by nc nd NOT YET RATED
title: Someone's junk is someone else's treasure.
year: 2011
material: Video installation, HD video, Two drawings(9"x12" each), Palm Fronds, Blanket
time: 11 minutes
size: Dimension variable
Location: PCC Flea Market
credit: Created with The Box, Los Angeles
This project is refer to two historical works. one is David Hammons' Bliz-aard Ball Sale (1983), the artist was selling snow balls on the street in New York winter time. the other is legendary Japanese comic "Nowhere Man(Munou no hito)" by Yoshiharu Tsuge(1985), A cartoonist loosed his job and decided to sell stones at a river side. my question is how it would be in-between snow ball and stone? disappearing and existing, useless and functional, art and object, fabricate and found.
I rent a booth at a flea market in Los Angeles to sell palm fronds which is easily find out everywhere on a street. In the process of documenting people's reaction, I realized that I was selling an idea or an experience or a story through palm fronds.