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St.Moritz Art Academy - New in 2014

Kurs 020 / Workshop August 2014

„Series“ with Marcel van Eeden August 17 to 23, 2014

This workshop focusses on working in series. The participants will be exalted to split up a theme into serial fragments in order to gain a new, faceted insight. This process will open up surprisng perspectives onto the own work. The participants are free of choice concerning artistic techniques, but, besides camera / smartphone and sketchbooks, it is recommended to bring materials that will allow a rapid execution.

lecturer: Marcel van Eeden, born in 1965 in The Hague / the Netherlands. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Van Eeden´s work resembles impressions from the film noire, based on an almost phototorealistic depiction and the use of black and white contrasts. Almost per day a new drawing emerges, lining up into sequences and series. 2014 he has been appointed professor for painting at Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts. Marcel lives and works in Zürich, Den Haag and Karlsruhe.


St.Moritz Art Masters 2014

For 10 days, St. Moritz and the Engadin are once again focusing on art and culture, especially from India. The so-called “Walk of Art ” connects various venues in the Engadin – from Maloja to S-chanf – and invites you to explore exhibitions of regional, national and international artists. In addition to this year‘s focus on India, a wide range of international contemporary art exhibitions and projects are planned. The public space, churches, private homes and galleries of the Engadin will host unique exhibitions for you to discover. Both individual and guided exhibition tours are offered daily in St. Moritz and Zuoz. The detailed program will be available by July.

Curtis Anderson
Gian Tumasch Appenzeller
Pablo Bartholomew
Mathias Brunner
Jayasri Burman
Riddhibrata Burman
Billy Childish
Amshu Chukki
Francesco Clemente
The Bilderberg Collection
Pratul Dash
Smriti Dixit
Shilpa Gupta
Subodh Gupta
Lori Hersberger
Didier Hagège
Maqbool Fida Husain
Leiko Ikemura
Jitish Kallat
Reena Saini Kallat
Ranbir Kaleka
Philipp Keel
Paresh Maity
Nalini Malani
Manish Nai
Chasper Linard Schmidlin
Julian Schnabel
Gigi Scaria
Mithu Sen
Christoph Steinmeyer
Sooni Taraporevala
Hema Upadhyay


「アンフォルム(フォームレス):手引書」イヴ=アラン・ボワ&ロザリンド・E・クラウス | 現代美術用語辞典ver.2.0



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◇ Researching Photography: record: RP 福居伸宏 (*Japanese text only)
(Part 1)http://researchingphotography.blogspot.jp/2011/07/rp-record-part-1.html
(Part 2)http://researchingphotography.blogspot.jp/2011/08/record-rp-part-2.html

◇ ウェブで閲覧可能なマテリアル(2014.04.05のトーク関連)

◇ 福居伸宏 インタビュー 2010 | Tomio Koyama Gallery (*Japanese text only)

◇ Nobuhiro Fukui interview 2008 | Tomio Koyama Gallery

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