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◇ 「photographs 64」 http://www.nobuhiro-fukui.com/ - ◇ Researching Photography: record: RP 福居伸宏 (*Japanese text only) (Part 1)http://researchingphotography.blogspot.jp/2011/07/rp-record-part-1.html (Part 2)http://researchingphotog…

BATTLE GAREGGA ミヤモト18.485.040 - YouTube


Robert Hughes - The New Shock of The New 2004 - YouTube


Inside New York's Art World: Robert Rauschenburg and Leo Castelli, 1977 - YouTube

Interviewer: Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel Part of the Diamonstein-Spielvogel Video Archive in the Duke University Libraries: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollec... Diamonstein-Spielvogel interviews Robert Rauschenberg and Leo Castel…

Gerhard Merz - Google 検索

https://www.google.com/search?q=Gerhard+Merz&es_sm=91&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=KJPqVJCxDqPCmAXixoCYBw&ved=0CB0QsAQ&biw=1436&bih=806 ◇ Gerhard Merz (Künstler) – Wikipedia http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerhard_Merz_%28K%C3%BCnstler%…

VIDEO ART 1984 -1 - YouTube

http://youtu.be/hKP0DgwRzyU ◇ VIDEO ART 1984 -2 - YouTube http://youtu.be/avNAYfFwQs4 ◇ VIDEO ART 1984 -3 - YouTube http://youtu.be/DhX0ajY8jZI

Christopher Williams Talks “Happiness” at MoMA - YouTube

Christopher Williams’s photographs are more than just cinephilic; they’re socio-photographic. For the first time, the Museum of Modern Art condenses Williams’s 35-year career into a conceptual exhibition, “The Production Line of Happiness.…

Rodney Graham - Rennie Collection Speaker Series on Vimeo

(Artist Talk | Wednesday, October 1, 2014) The Charles H. Scott Gallery and the Faculty of Graduate Studies are pleased to present an Artist Talk as part of the Rennie Collection Speaker Series. The exhibition is primarily comprised of the…

Artist Stan Douglas - Wachtel on the Arts - CBC Player

Eleanor Wachtel interviews award-winning Canadian visual artist Stan Douglas. http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Wachtel+on+the+Arts/ID/2449509302/

Isotope 217 - 'Utonian Automatic' (1999) - YouTube


展覧会名候補「utopian automatic」

A Radical Cut In The Texture Of Reality.

http://radicalcut.blogspot.ca/ ◇ Jacob Wren(@EverySongIveEve)さん | Twitter https://twitter.com/everysongiveeve

photo-eye Bookstore | Joel Sternfeld: On This Site | photo book

On This Site. Landscape in Memoriam. New Revised Edition. Photographs by Joel Sternfeld. Steidl, 2012. 50 pp., color illustrations, 12x10". Publisher's Description “I went to Central Park to find the place behind the Metropolitan Museum of…

Pepper Shop/ペッパーショップ » archives 1993-1996

フリーペーパー「PEPPER SHOP」:古賀学が1993年(20歳)に創刊したフリーペーパー。1号につき1人のクリエイターを軸に「インプット(影響を受けたモノ)」と「アウトプット(世の中に発信していること)」をテーマにインタビューし、5000字〜10000字のテキ…

Ocula | Contemporary Art, Artists and Exhibitions from the World's Leading Galleries

http://ocula.com/ About OculaOur mission is to deliver comprehensive access to the art and artists of leading galleries around the world to our global audience. Complementing this we commission and curate related content that delivers insi…


http://artbasemomoshima.jp/exhibition/crossroad.html ◎ ART BASE MOMOSHIMA http://artbasemomoshima.jp/

A conversation with Harald Szeemann

Failure as a poetic dimension. A conversation with Harald Szeemann Jan Winkelmann Harald Szeemann, charismatic tower of strength in the exhibition business and prototype of the independent curator, is this year responsible for the second t…

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◇ 「photographs 64」 http://www.nobuhiro-fukui.com/ 土曜日になってしまいましたが、ようやく更新。 - ◇ Researching Photography: record: RP 福居伸宏 (*Japanese text only) (Part 1)http://researchingphotography.blogspot.jp/2011/07/rp-record-p…

赤坂での幇間芸 - YouTube


古今亭志ん朝 碁泥(碁どろ)* - YouTube

http://youtu.be/scvHJoJo9wE ◇ 古今亭志ん朝 鰻の幇間* - YouTube http://youtu.be/uNIre7msnbg

img_0 (2126×1121)

http://blogs.c.yimg.jp/res/blog-f3-4f/classicmusic2009/folder/179538/35/25960235/img_0 ◇ 題名のない音楽館 評論に関する評論 http://homepage3.nifty.com/tkoikawa/music/critic/index.html ◇ 新潮45 - Webcat Plus たいこもち批評家「座右の銘」 / 加…

Lisson Gallery First Weekend: Tony Oursler and Adrian Searle - YouTube

"Here's Looking at You: Facial Recognition and Identity in the Surveillance Age" Tony Oursler and the Guardian's chief art critic Adrian Searle speak about the artist's new show: template/variant/friend/stranger at Lisson Gallery (30 Janua…

Opening-Day Talk: Dan Graham in conversation with Bennett Simpson and Chrissie Iles - YouTube

Dan Graham has been a central figure in contemporary art since the 1960s, and is widely considered one of the most significant artists of his generation. Over the past four decades, he has created a body of work that is as uncategorizable …