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YouTube - Arata Isozaki Hon RA: Andrea Palladio through the eyes of contemporary architects

Part of the exhibition 'Andrea Palladio: Through the eyes of contemporary architects' at the Royal Academy of Arts, London (until 21 April 2009).

Andrea Palladios enduring presence has shaped our experience of architecture and permeated its practice since the sixteenth century. This exhibition establishes a dialogue between the Renaissance master and contemporary practitioners from different generations who are shaping the future of architecture today. Through pictorial essays and film interviews each architect reveals how Palladio's presence resonates with them. These architects offer a lens through which we can discover and rediscover Palladio, adding to our experience of the Royal Academy exhibition 'Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy'. The architects here challenge accepted views and suggest new ways of understanding Palladios influence and presence in contemporary practice.

For more information see www.royalacademy.org.uk/architecture

Film by Ruth Schocken Katz with Kate Goodwin and Nicholas Hornig. Score by Dov Waterman. © Royal Academy of Arts.


YouTube - Tesi di laurea GPM -Clusters in the air - Arata Isozaki

YouTube - Tesi di Laurea GPM : "Shinjuku Project" Arata Isozaki