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The Great Train Robbery (1903) Full COMPLETE Original Film RESTORED - YouTube

This is the longest and most comlpete version of the film available.

Filmed in November 1903 at Edison's New York studio, at Essex County Park in New Jersey, and along the Lackawanna railroad and released in December 1903, "The Great Train Robbery" is considered to be one of the first significant early US narrative films. Greatly influenced by the British film "Daring Daylight Robbery" (1903) it introduced many new cinematic techniques (cross cutting, double exposure, camera movement and location shooting) to American audiences. It was directed by Edwin S Porter and stars Justus D. Barnes as the head bandit, G. M. Anderson as a slain passenger and a robber, Walter Cameron as the sheriff.

Original film in the public domain. Print provided by the US Library of Congress. Film remastered, tinted and new soundtrack added in 2011 by The VIdeo Cellar.

Music: Kevin MacLeod