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Amazon.co.jp: Havana: Elizabeth Culbert, Eduardo Luis Rodriguez, Robert Polidori, Gerhard Steidl: 洋書

Robert Polidori, often considered an architectural photographer, is in fact a photographer of habitat. On the surface his subjects are buildings, but at the core his lens is focused on the remnants and traces of living he finds scattered in hallways, left in back rooms and worn on facades. His spectacular color photographs are presented here in an appropriately oversized volume that capture both their monumentality and their attention to detail. Havana is a particularly rich setting for Polidori's inquiries. The curves and columns that line the streets refer to past eras and speak of the political, social, and economic forces that have driven the city to its present condition. Through his rigorous and sensitive examination - facilitated by a sense of color and composition that makes his photographs feel like vivid memories - Polidori delicately peels away the patina of daily living and reveals the juxtapositions that create a city's identity. His photographs define the idea of faded grandeur. In this city the peddler lives where the countess once resided; children dance and tumble where merchants conducted their business. Each photograph is a discovery and a fragment of the city's biography.
Robert Polidori was born in Montréal in 1951 and lives in New York City. He has exhibited photographs in Paris, Brasilia, New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. He is a regular contributor to "The New Yorker," "Geo" and "Architectural Digest Germany." Polidori has received numerous honors, including a World Press Award for his coverage of the Getty Museum and two Alfred Eisenstaedt Awards for his work in Havana and Brasilia. Edited by Elizabeth Culbert. Essay by Eduardo Luis Rodriguez.

152 color.

15.25 x 11.75 in.