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1.4 Readings & Resources | Seeing Through Photographs | Coursera

★ Indicates required readings and resources

MoMA publications: books

Beaumont Newhall. “Documentary Photography.” In History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present. The Museum of Modern Art, 1937/1982, 234-246.

★John Szarkowski. Introduction to The Photographer’s Eye. The Museum of Modern Art, 1966, 9-41.

★Peter Galassi. “Two Stories.” In American Photography 1890–1965. The Museum of Modern Art, 1995, 10-41.

★Quentin Bajac. “Contemporary Photography at MoMA.” In Photography at MoMA: 1960–Now. The Museum of Modern Art, 2015, 10-15.

Richard Benson. “Modern Photography.” In The Printed Picture. The Museum of Modern Art, 2008, 144-173.

MoMA publications: articles and online resources

MoMA Learning: Photography

Additional reading: books

Marvin Heiferman. Photography Changes Everything. Aperture, 2012.

Additional reading: articles and online resources

The Printed Picture glossary

Marvin Heiferman. “Just Published! Photography Changes Everything.” The Bigger Picture: Exploring Archives and Smithsonian History.

Sarah Hermanson Meister. "On Close Inspection.” In The Photographer’s Playbook, Aperture, 2013, 224-225.

Ahorn Magazine

The New York Times Lens: Photography, Video and Visual Journalism

Fotomuseum Winterthur Still Searching

Additional reading: curator’s choice

Edward Steichen. The Family of Man. The Museum of Modern Art, 1955, 2-21.

John Szarkowski. Looking at Photographs. The Museum of Modern Art, 1973, 9-30.