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"Marcel Duchamp: The Box in a Valise" - YouTube

In celebration of the museum's recent acquisition of Marcel Duchamp's
"Box in a Valise," one of the most influential works of art of the
twentieth century, Hood Director Michael Taylor will explore the complex ideas
behind this portable museum, in which miniature reproductions of the
artist's most significant works are cleverly arranged inside a red


◇ Lecture by David Joselit: "Beyond Repetition: Marcel Duchamp's Readymades" - YouTube

Marcel Duchamp is famous for inventing the "readymade"—a form of art that reframes ordinary commodities as art. This seemingly simple gesture has had an enormous impact on art since 1960. By focusing on the objects on view at MAM, David Joselit, Carnegie Professor in the History of Art, Yale University, gives an account of the readymade's complexity and variety.


◇ Rebel Ready-Made - Marcel Duchamp - YouTube

"The Almost Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp" Tate Gallery 1966

A film, made by Tristram Powell in 1966, marking the first retrospective exhibition in Europe of the works of Marcel Duchamp at the Tate Gallery, London. The film includes an interview with Duchamp and unique behind the scenes footage from the Tate. The film also features interviews with the show's curator, Richard Hamilton, the artist Robert Rauschenberg and composer John Cage.

"Marcel Duchamp , painter, Dadaist, philosopher, joker, talks about his life and his works, which are currently on exhibition at the Tate Gallery."
Radio Times, 23 June 1966.


◇ Jeu d’échec avec Marcel Duchamp (1963) - YouTube

◇ Marcel Duchamp A Game of Chess - YouTube

◇ Marcel Duchamp Ein Portrait - YouTube