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◇ Saturday Academy: David Raymond Conroy - YouTube

On 12 September 2015, just days before the opening of Prosu(u)mer, the central show of Tallinn Photomonth '15, David Raymond Conroy, the curator of the exhibition held a performative lecture at the Kadriorg Art Museum.

Prosu(u)mer and True Art or A Fake, the exhibition at Kadriorg Art Museum, couldn't stand further from each other: one parallels contemporary art to popular culture, the other deals with art history. However, both deal with value systems that continue to be as interesting as they are problematic: why do we aspire for originality and consider copies less desirable? Are these hierarchies as simple as it might seem?

The lecture was followed by a conversation between David Raymond Conroy and Greta Koppel, the curator of Kadriorg Art Museum.