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Artist Simon Starling Discusses His Work at PAMM - YouTube

Artist Simon Starling speaks about his artistic process and, specifically, about his large-scale installation, Inverted Retrograde Theme, USA (House for a Songbird), 2002, that traces the paradoxes of modernist architecture in the Caribbean.

The installation, recently acquired by PAMM through a gift from Dennis and Debra Scholl, presents the artist’s interpretation of how modern notions failed when confronted with reality via his metaphorical use of caged birds.

Starling’s piece references experimental music theory, modernist architecture and social issues in the Caribbean and, with subtle irony, often draws from social experiences and current events to create works that allude to the narratives left behind by modernism.

Scholl Lecture Series: Simon Starling was held at PAMM on September 13, 2014