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TWSレジデンス成果展「トーキョー・ストーリー2014 第1期」

11:00〜19:00 (最終入場は18:30) 月曜休館(祝日の場合は翌火曜)
   トーキョーワンダーサイト渋谷(渋谷区神南 1-19-8)

TOKYO STORY 2014 Part 1

Date: 2014.05.03 Sat - 2014.06.08 Sun
Closed: 5/7・12・19・26・6/2
Time: 11:00 - 19:00
Admission: Free
Organize: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Cooperation: iaab, Yubari City
Venue: TWS Shibuya / TWS Hongo
Artist: Yoi Kawakubo / Nobuhiro Fukui (TWS Shibuya), Ichiro Endo / Saiko T. Kase / Daisuke Nagaoka / Chikara Matsumoto / mamoru / Yoshihiro Yamamoto (TWS Hongo)

The fiscal 2013 TWS Creator-in-Residence programs generated countless stories.The three young artists in the exhibition who took part in the Local Creator Residency Program, spending between six months and one year in residence, speak from diverse perspectives about society, the city, and their lives and present us with a clear sense of the issues we face in the world. Through their involvement with the local community, the four who took part in the Artists in Yubari program looked closely at Yubari's historical background, present, and future and developed an awareness of issues common to many contemporary cities.


Nobuhiro Fukui: B’ - 6957, 2013, pigment print mounted on plexiglass, 48.0 x 72.0cm


48×72cm, 180×60cm, 180×135cm


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[kunstmuseumbasel - data & some references]

artist: Nobuhiro Fukui
title: kunstmuseumbasel
year: 2013-2014
material: HD video (color), sound (stereo)
time: 4 min 33.15 sec
size: dimensions variable
shooting, sound recording & editing: Nobuhiro Fukui

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Kunstmuseum Basel http://j.mp/10y13UH http://j.mp/1fKJucN http://j.mp/1n8FKr0
Rudolf Christ and Paul Bonatz http://j.mp/1lJehw5 http://j.mp/1n8GxrR http://j.mp/1n8GegL
DIN 1451 http://j.mp/1fyp7VZ
din http://j.mp/1fypC27
Basel http://j.mp/1n8ieKz http://j.mp/1lJev6y
Canton of Basel http://j.mp/1fyqjbN
Alban of Mainz http://j.mp/1n8DEY4
The printers of Basle in the XV & XVI centuries; their biographies, printed books and devices (1897) http://j.mp/1fyqOm7
Johannes Gutenbergs and Berthold Ruppel http://j.mp/1fyreZG (*Japanese text http://j.mp/1fyruIm)
Johannes Amerbach http://j.mp/1fysbkK http://j.mp/1fysmwn
1356 Basel earthquake http://j.mp/OgTXVO http://j.mp/1fyt112 http://j.mp/1kyvMN3 (*Japanese text http://j.mp/OgUC9T)
St. Alban-Graben http://j.mp/1hZaqKb
KVA Basel Waste-to-Energy Plant http://j.mp/1jmFGDp http://j.mp/1n8kYHV http://j.mp/1n8l8yU (*Kehrichtverwertungsanlage = waste incineration facility)
IWB Basel http://j.mp/1n8jdKO
Kraftwerk Birsfelden http://j.mp/1n8iM36 (*hydroelectric power plant)
Alexander Zschokke http://j.mp/1jmC0Bl http://j.mp/1jmCfMK
Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois http://j.mp/1jmAn6G
Die Picassos sind da! http://j.mp/1jmCveQ
Herzog & de Meuron http://j.mp/1jmDyeJ
Signal Box Auf dem Wolf http://j.mp/1jmDL1D
Thomas Ruff: Signal Box, Basel (HdM07), 1994 http://j.mp/1jmEtfb
St. Jakob Tower http://j.mp/1jmF7t2
St. Jakob Park Basel http://j.mp/1n8xZkS
Christ & Gantenbein http://j.mp/1jmHw72
Kunstmuseum Basel Extension by Christ & Gantenbein Architects / Interview - VernissageTV http://j.mp/1jmHNXy
Bustler: Kunstmuseum Basel Announces Its Competition Winner(s) http://j.mp/1jmHUTb
Kunstmuseum Basel | The Extension http://j.mp/1jmIlwQ